At Anthony Barber Associates, we manufacture machines to fill containers from half pint through to drums. In this post, we will touch upon some of the smaller sizes and highlight some of our machines which were designed to fill those sizes.

ABA-M405 – a semi-automatic net weight filling machine designed for a C1D1 area. This machine features two fill heads with nitrogen purge attachments, but each fill head is designed to fill from a different source.

  • Head 1 has a proportional valve and is designed to be hooked up to a large tank or hopper for bulk filling.
  • Head 2 is fitted with a small, stainless steel tank on the back of the machine, and is designed for small batch filling. This custom designed tank directly feeds to fill Head 2 and is easily accessible to the operator to fill and maintain product level. This design makes it easy for an operator to fill the tank with a pail for a smaller batch.

This machine was designed for filling pint, quart, and gallon cans.

ABA-M405 - semi automatic, net weight C1D1 liquid filling machine

ABA-M374 – top fill volumetric filling machine with two heads, lid dropper, and roller lid press designed to fill quarts and gallon cans. This machine was also supplied with a custom designed stainless steel flush trough to be mounted on the conveyor underneath the fill heads for a clean and easy flushing experience. This machine features our double acting volumetric piston pumps, the ABA-80's. These one gallon pumps have stainless steel and Teflon wetted parts and quick release clamps for ease of maintenance.


ABA-M374 - top fill, volumetric filling machine



ABA-M426 – This quart and gallon filling machine is a dual head volumetric filler which was designed for C1D2 area. This machine features swing frame fill heads, a rotary infeed table, a top off system, a lid dropper with downstacker, and a roller lid press.


ABA-M426 - C1D2, volumetric filling machine


We look forward to working with you to find the best machine to suit your filling needs. Please reach out to us via phone (803) 396-0621, email, or via our website by filling out a request a quote form.