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Success Stories and Testimonials

Success Story: Leading Roof Coating Company

In 2008 we started working very closely with one of the country's largest manufacturers of roof coatings.

Prior to installing our equipment, the customer was manually filling containers on a number of their production lines. Manual filling is highly inaccurate and in order to avoid underfilling, every container was being overfilled which resulted in lost revenue. Through extensive consultation with the customer, we determined that our net weight filler model ABA-FILL-TFGEAF-M2-EC-1C  would be best suited to fit their needs. This machine was custom designed to provide them with the speed and high level of accuracy they required. After calculating that the Return On Investment (ROI) would be fully met on each machine within a 6 month time period, the customer moved ahead with major production line automation.

Since then, we have supplied seven filling lines, two independent crimpers, and a special four head high speed machine in their plants across the United States and Canada.

As a small company, we are able to provide personalized service - we pride ourselves on the relationships we build with our customers. We work closely with customers after machines are installed to ensure that all equipment is functioning correctly and that satisfaction remains high; case in point the customer mentioned above. Machines do not leave our plant until they have been fully tested and we are satisfied that they are of the utmost quality. Progress reports are offered throughout the manufacturing process, and every customer is invited to visit our plant for an FAT. If for any reason they are unable to make it to our location, they are sent video footage of the machine running prior to shipment. How can we help you?

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What our customers are saying: 

"I must honestly and sincerely say that you and your company have set the bar high. An excellent product, and an equally excellent staff. You should be proud of your company, your people, and it is ok to even be a little proud of yourself! It is truly a pleasure doing business with you.."

...Chad Lemon - Maintenance Manager, Jotun Paints, Inc.


“In looking for solutions to product filling issues, and effective cost savings, we went to Anthony Barber Associates. Not only did they meet our needs, but the equipment proved to be more accurate and dependable than we could have imagined. Anthony Barber and his team have met and exceeded our company expectations again, and again”

...Engineering Director, Henry Company

"Fortunately I found Anthony Barber Associates on the internet while doing a search for filling equipment.  Right away Anthony provided fantastic customer service in regard to understanding our process and what solutions they offer.  Their promise on delivery is exceptional compared to other equipment vendors I have used!  I like the friendly, but, highly focused professionalism during his visit to our facility and my trip to their place with his team in Charlotte during the factory acceptance test.  I have spoken to other people in the industry who have also given high marks to this company.  I like the straight forward solid design of their equipment and the volumetric filler we purchased is already showing that it will increase production capacity and improve quality for us."

...Bob Guss - Facilities Manager, Quest Automotive Products


"Our experience with ABA has been very positive and knowledgeable. From the initial call we were able to relate our needs and special production application to ABA’s representatives, with full understanding and feedback of our project. During the setup the equipment was easy to install with sufficient information to understand the procedures, maintenance schedules and troubleshooting guide. Once the equipment was installed (and compared to our existing units), the expectations exceeded our initial requirements, which allowed us to increase our output capacity and overall performance. The quality of the equipment and the support behind it does not compare to other manufacturers, our business demands zero downtime and we’ve accomplish this by relying on superior equipment manufactured by ABA."

...Eduardo Ochoa - Production Engineer, Tuboscope


"I began doing business with Mr. Anthony Barber over 20 years ago and have yet to be disappointed with his service or with the quality of his products. I have purchased a number of machines and machine components from Mr. Barber that have been performing admirably for us at this facility. I would highly recommend his equipment and services to anyone."

...Ed Ramirez - Plant Eng. Manager, Frazee Industries


"We purchased a lid dropper for our operation a few years back.  Although we use the lid dropper to manufacture oil filters and not paint cans the system works very well.  Little or no maintenance is required and any problems that did arise during the installation was quickly addressed by the caring folks at Anthony Barber and Associates.  We ran over 40 million parts on this machine since it was installed in March of 2014.  We were so happy with this unit that we purchased a second unit for another line.  The second unit was just installed a few weeks ago and I look forward to years of service from both machines."

...Jason Gluck - Electrical Engineer, Mann+Hummel Filtration Technology

"With a hard to bottle product, Tony and his team produced a very robust and accurate machine that exceeded our expectations. I am impressed how quickly they responded to questions and concenrs from quoting through commissioning. I highly recommend ABA.."

...Greg Maynard - Project Engineer, Penn Color