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ABA manufactures machines to fill by volume and to fill by weight.

Volumetric Filling

ABA-M439 - Top Fill, Volumetric Paint Filling Machine C1D1, crimper, lid placer

ABA volumetric pumps are available in two sizes; gallon (5 liter) and five-gallon (20 liter) Our pumps are double acting positive displacement piston pumps with stainless steel cast end caps, elbow, and tees (cast here in the USA).

ABA double acting pumps have product on both sides of the piston, this keeps the cylinder walls and seals lubricated which increases the life of the pump.  We control the stroke length to properly dispense an accurate volume into your containers. We do not manufacture single acting pumps, which are less expensive to manufacture but cause issues with product drying in the rear of the cylinder, resulting in excessive wear, leaks, and innacurate fill volumes.

Our volumetric filling machines are typically set up to have the product gravity fed to the pumps from a filter tub/day tank located immediately behind the filling machine. ABA standard pumps feature four gravity check valves per pump.

Cleanup of the volumetric system is achieved by flushing solvent through the pumps and recirculating back to the filter tub/day tank. Using the ABA swing head feature allows the customer to simply rotate the fill heads over the tank and flush or prime the pumps cleanly and with ease.

Net Weight Filling

ABA-M450 - Top Fill, Net Weight Filling Machine with topoff, lid placer, lid press, dual crimpers for C1D1

ABA's range of net weight filling machines have less product contact area to clean than with a volumetric system. However, head for head, a net weight filler will typically return about half the speed of a volumetric system for containers one gallon (5 liter) and smaller.

The net weight fillers feature only two ball valves (full flow and dribble) and the fill head for product contact (wetted) areas. However, product does have to be fed to the machine under pressure to enable a reasonable flow rate for filling. Gravity filling is a good option for smooth consistent flow but may not always give sufficient flow rate. Diaphragm pumps are commonly used with pulsation dampeners but need to be set correctly to eliminate surging which can cause inaccuracies. Progressive cavity pumps work very well but cannot be deadheaded, so require a recirculation loop back to the supply tank.

Changeover of container sizes is very simple, as weights are stored in recipes.

Whether you need assistance with a volumetric or a net weight liquid filling machine, you can depend on ABA every time. Contact us today for more information about any of the filling machines and equipment we offer.