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     Bottom Fill Gravimetric Electronic Automatic Liquid Filling Machines

    The ABA-FILL-BFGEA is an electronically controlled, automatic, net weight filling machine which is designed to bottom fill containers from half pint to 5 gallon pails.



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    Bottom Fill Gravimetric Electronic Semi-Automatic Liquid Filling Machines

    The ABA-FILL-BFGES is an electronically controlled, semi-automatic, net weight filling machine which is designed to bottom-fill containers from half pint to 5 gallon pails.



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    Top Fill Gravimetric Electronic Automatic Liquid Filling Machines

    The ABA-FILL-TFGEA is an electronically controlled, net weight, automatic filling machine which is designed to top fill half pint to 5 gallon containers. 




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     Top Fill Gravimetric Electronic Semi-Automatic Liquid Filling Machines

    The ABA-FILL-TFGES is an electronically controlled, net weight, semi-automatic filling machine which is designed to top fill half pint through 5 gallon containers.



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    ABA-TFGES-4-DRUM is a net weight drum filling machine designed to fill up to 4 drums on a pallet.

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Net Weight Filling Machines

At ABA, we are proud to offer superior net weight filling machines which can be custom designed and tailored to each customer's needs. Our net weight filling machines incorporate the latest innovative technology, such as supervision and tracking of the weights of filled containers against preset tolerances. The machines notify the operators when adjustments need to be made, or the modifications can be made automatically. Using load cells and scale platforms, these paint filling machines can be used on a large variety of containers such as pails, bottles, and drums. With so many options out there, some distinct advantages of net weight filling machines are: high accuracy, data tracking, and fast and easy clean-up.

For over 2 decades, ABA has been proudly supplying the chemical and paint industries with all of their needs. Our liquid filling machines are suited to applications of all speeds and sizes. The net weight filling machines we supply our clients showcase the latest advanced features including:

  • Facilitation of support

  • Machines can optionally be supplied to data share by connecting directly to your network

  • Overload protection on dampened load cells

  • Preliminary fill shock effects and vibrations eliminated or reduced

  • High speed connectivity

Aside from the standard characteristics, our net weight filling machines comprise the latest software and programs in their operator interfaces. These machines are able to distribute networking and total process monitoring. Historical and real-time trending allows our customers to track their fill data and monitor their product usage. Many of our machines offer remote support access to make troubleshooting and service easy even from a distance.

ABA Ltd. has been a leader in the industry for over 26 years when it comes to net weight filling machines.

We offer the latest in highly accurate and fast net weight machines, all custom designed and manufactured for our clients. Some of the models we have include:





ABA makes custom machines, and we feel confident we can supply any net weight filling machine your company needs. Call or visit us today to have one of our professional representatives assist you. Let us work together to find the best paint filling machine for your production needs and environment.