ABA-M458 is ABA's model ABA-LPHSC-5 high speed lid placer unit which was supplied with independent controls. This means that the lid placer can be utilized on its own or in conjunction with another fill line. These lid placers are desinged to place either plastic or metal lids of a variety of sizes (rectangular, square, and round). The lid placer has a chute based design which self-centers the lids on the containers as they pass below it and adjustable release paddles. The lid chute is automatically primed and ready for the next container and the hopper has a large capacity, reducing the need for regular reloads. The hopper also notifies the operator of low lid stacks and will automatically stop when it runs out of lids completely. 

 This lid placer was designed for a two head filling machine and for a small footprint area and is therefore a smaller size than our typical 5 gallon lid placer units. This machine is also for use in a C1D2 (Class 1 Division 2) hazardous area. 

ABA-M458 - High Speed Lid Placer for Liquid Filling Machines

This model also came with lid bung orientation which allows the operator to program the machine to stop spinning the lid at a specific point to line the bung up correctly for consumer pouring at a later time. 

This machine was supplied with a conveyor section which goes beneath the lid placer to convey the filled containers through to be lidded. This entire unit can therefore be placed anywhere on a fill line as it has its own independent controls and conveyor section and can be integrated to an existing machine easily and moved around where necessary. 


If you have any questions or would like to talk to one of our sales team for more information about this lid placing machine or any of the other filling machines and equipment we offer, call us at (803) 396-0621 or email sales@abaltd.com