ABA-M437 is a semi-automatic liquid filling machine which is designed to top fill 1/2 an 1 gallon containers. This net weight filling machine features dual heads and fills from our ABA-COV-85QTS fill heads. 


ABA-M437 - Top Fill, Net Weight, Semi-Automatic Liquid Filling Machine

Semi-automatic filling machines typically have a smaller footprint than fully automatic machines and are a great way to bridge the gap between manual filling and a fully automatic filling machine. They also work well for small batch applications or unique fills which do not need to take up an entire filling line to complete. ABA has designed a wide array of semi-automatic filling machines which encompass varying degrees of automation or none at all. 

This Net weight semi-automatic machine features a roller conveyor section which is not automated. There are two individual scales under each of the fill heads and two sets of independent controls. This machine is also mounted on casters so that it might be moved to different areas of a plant in order to best fulfill various roles and fills. 

Our cone style fill heads, ABA-COV-85QTS, are designed for filling quarts and gallon cans. These fill heads feature a 2 inch S-line inlet and a 1.85 inch diameter outlet and are constructed using high quality parts and dairy style inlet connections. 


For more information on M437, please call us at 803-396-0621 or email us at sales@abaltd.com.