ABA-M417 is a semi-automatic filling machine designed for filling 5 gallon pails. This volumetric machine is designed for a C1D1 (Class 1 Division 1) explosion proof environment and is controlled pneumatically and features a mechanical variable speed drive for controlling the conveyor. 

Despite advances in electronic software for filling machines, pneumatically controlled machines still have a valuable place in a fill environment. Specifically, for hazardous areas, pneuamtic machines provide a cost effective way to safely operate machinery within those constraints. This machine furthermore features a mechanical variable speed drive to control the speed of the conveyor by rotating a handwheel. The handwheel moves the drive either towards the machine or away from it, thus tightening or lengthening a belt resulting in a faster or slower moving conveyor. 

ABA's 5 gallon volumetric piston pump, ABA-2000, showcases its speed and accuracy on this machine. Coming in at speeds of 6-8 pails per minute, this highly efficient pump is not only quick, but also easy to use, clean, and maintain. Handwheels with position indicators allow for fast and easy adjustment of pump stroke length, and quick release clamps allow for simple access to cleaning and maintaining the units. As with all the pumps we offer, the ABA-2000 is a double acting pump. This simply means that product is on both sides of the piston at all times which serves to keep cylinder walls and seals lubricated and elongates the life of the pump. Manufactured from high quality stainless steel and Teflon seals and gaskets, these pumps are built right and built to last.

 After the initial roller conveyor section in the fill area, this machine also features a section of chain conveyor with our 5 gallon roller lid press, ABA-PRESS-5NAR. This press is designed to press on plastic lids utilizing 32 gradually declining steel rollers. All of our lid presses are height adjustable with a hand crank on one corner of the unit. The chain and sprockets associated with this are all safely covered with a stainless steel sheet metal cover.

ABA-M417 - Semi-Automatic, Volumetric, Pneumatic, C1D1 filling machine

This machine was supplied with our ABA-COV-85SPF cone style fill heads. They have a 3 inch S-line inlet and a 3.32 inch oulet. These are flush fill heads, and have a 4 inch flush flange so that a hose may be easily hooked up to them for clean and efficient flushing. As with all of our cone style fill heads, the superior design prevents the stringing problems associated with capillary style and the heads snap closed cleanly, eliminating dripping and other product mess.



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