ABA-M411 is a 2 head, fully automatic, volumetric liquid filling machine with a swing frame, rotary infeed table, a lid chute, lid dropper, and roller lid press. This customized machine is designed with our end user in mind and delivers fast and accurate fills, simple and quick size changeovers, and numerous features to make the operator's job easier.

The swing heads make flushing and priming the system fast, easy, and clean. To flush or prime, simply push the fill heads so they are at the rear of the machine over a tank and select the flush option on the HMI to cycle product or cleaning solution through the machine. While all of our machines feature flush capabilities, the benefit of the swing head is containing the flush cycle and making it faster and cleaner.

The HMI stores 100 individual recipes to make size changeover not only quick and easy, but also accurate and repeatable. This negates the need for an operator to manually enter the information necessary for each size container each time a size changeover takes place. The touchscreen HMI and control buttons are both located on the movable pendant arm, making them easily accessible from multiple points.

ABA-M411 - Dual Head, Swing Frame, Volumetric Filling Machine


This volumetric filling machine features a number of operator-friendly and throughput-increasing pieces of equipment:

  • The 60" rotary infeed table for bulk loading of containers means that the operator can devote time to other operational aspects of the machine instead of manually loading each empty container. Our rotary tables are constructed from an aluminum frame with a plated circular feed table. The operator simply needs to load containers onto the table and they are automatically fed from the infeed table onto the conveyor. (Tables can be optionally supplied with a stainless steel frame and plate).
  • The semi-automatic lid chute for the larger container sizes allows for a number of lids to be pre-loaded to negate the need for individually placed lids. As the containers pass beneath the lid chute, the force of the container pulls the next lid from the chute, making this the perfect middle ground option between manually placing lids and a fully automatic lid placer unit. The lid chute is constructed from stainless steel and is height adjustable.
  • Our 1 gallon double acting volumetric piston pumps, ABA-80, are constructed from high quality stainless steel and Teflon wetted parts. These 1 gallon pumps feature gravity check valves, meaning the liquid in the pump displaces and reseats the check valves itself. The ABA-80s also have six position selector turrets with individual threaded stops to make volume changeover a breeze. As with all of the pumps we supply, these are double acting. This simply means that liquid is present on both sides of the piston, resulting in a more efficient pump and a longer lifespan of all parts.
  • The high speed lid dropper, ABA-LDHS, drops lids onto the smaller containers (1/2 pint - 1 gallon) as they pass beneath it. This unit is mounted to our roller lid press and can also be supplied with a product hopper for additional id capacity. Our lid droppers also come equipped with starwheels to ensure that all lids are centered prior to going underneath the lid press.
  • Our non-powered 5 gallon roller lid press utilizes 32 1" diameter gradually declining steel rollers to firmly press on lids from pint through 6 gallon pails. This press, and all of our lid press units, comes with a handle on one corner of the press for quick and easy size changeover. A stainless steel cover safely shields the operators from the sprockets and chains associated with the height adjustment. 

When companies begin the process of looking for new filling equipment for their plants, ABA is confident that our quality and customizable machinery is the solution they are looking for. All of our equipment is designed with efficiency and accuracy in mind while not sacrificing usability or caliber.  For more information regarding this or any of the machines we have designed and manufactured, please call (803) 396-0621, email us @ sales@abaltd.com, or submit a request for quote today!