Our machine, ABA-M385, is a net weight 2 head machine which is designed to fill on alternating lanes. The alternating fill lanes allows for continuous flow of a high viscosity extruded product. The design is such that lane 1 will be filling while an empty container is conveyed into position on lane 2. Once the first container has been filled, lane 2 begins filling and the filled container in lane 1 is conveyed away and replaced by an empty one. This system keeps the product continuously flowing and the efficiency and throughput levels high.

This fully automatic filling machine is furthermore designed for a Class 1 Division 1 (C1D1) explosion proof area. It features our innovative C1D1 intrinsically safe mouse to control the HMI, increasing speed and accuracy for the operator. The HMI itself houses 100 recipes, making size and product changeovers quick, accurate, and repeatable. 

 ABA-M385 - Top fill, net weight filling machine with alternating fill stations, C1D1

This machine showcases our new ABA-COV-85BO fill heads. These cone style fill heads have an air shear or "blow off" to cut off thick product once filling has stopped or to inject nitrogen into the fill. These fill heads help to eliminate mess and product loss. 

Please contact us today to discuss your filling machine needs, we would be happy to work with you to design a machine best suited to your fill environment and products.