ABA's latest volumetric filling machine, ABA-M368, is a pneumatically controlled, dual head machine. While electronically controlled machines are more common, pneumatic machines still hold an important place in many fill environments due to their ability to be suitable for hazardous areas and the lower cost of the controls. We design and build both fully and semi-automatic pneumatic filling machines.

M368 also features our very popular swing frame design for easy flushing, priming, and cleaning. To use this system, the operator must simply push the fill heads around on their swivel joints until they are over the rear of the machine. Placing a tank beneath the fill heads and using the flush function, cleanup, priming, and flushing are quick, easy, and mess free!

Also showcased on this machine are our 1 gallon volumetric piston pumps, ABA-80. At ABA we only offer double acting volumetric piston pumps because we believe they are a far superior product. Double acting means that product is always on both sides of the piston. This prevents unnecessary wear and tear on the parts, thereby extending the lifespan of the parts and the pump itself. This is also a faster and more efficient way to pump. The ABA-80 is supplied with gravity check valves, meaning that the liquid in the pump displaces and reseats the check valves itself (as opposed to being powered by air cylinders as in our powered check valve models). All of our pumps come standard with:

  • High quality stainless steel and Teflon wetted parts
  • Cast end caps, elbows, and tees
  • Quick release clamps to make cleaning and maintenance simple and easy.
  • 6 position selector turret with individual threaded stops to make volume changeover instantaneous, precise, and repeatable.


ABA-M368 - Top fill, pneumatic, volumetric paint filling machine

Please contact us today for more information about this or any of the other machines and equipment we have to offer. We feel confident that we can work with you to create the best equipment for your fill environment and production needs and look forward to putting our decades of experience towards that task. Call (803) 396-0621, email sales@abaltd.com, or fill out our Request a quote form on our website.