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ABA-CRIMP-1EA-1C is a single stage electronic crimper which is mounted on a continuously running conveyor.


The ABA-CRIMP-1PA-1C is a single (1) stage Pneumatic Automatic 1 head crimper unit which is mounted to a Continuously running conveyor.


 The ABA-CRIMP-1PA-1I is a single (1) stage Pneumatic Automatic 1 head crimper unit which is mounted to an Indexing conveyor. 


The ABA-CRIMP-1PS-1NA is a single (1) stage Pneumatic Semi-Automatic 1 head stand-alone crimper unit which crimps 3-5 gallon metal lids.

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Lid Crimper

From manual pneumatic table top designs to fully automated indexing or continuous conveyor systems, our crimpers can close containers up to 5 gallon metal pails. We offer single heads up to 4 inline synchronized crimp heads in order to meet our customers’ speed requirements.  Our crimpers are also height and pressure adjustable to help control how tightly the containers are closed.