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     Bottom Fill Gravimetric Electronic Automatic Liquid Filling Machines

    The ABA-FILL-BFGEA is an electronically controlled, automatic, net weight filling machine which is designed to bottom fill containers from half pint to 5 gallon pails.



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    Bottom Fill Volumetric Electronic Automatic Liquid Filling Machine

    The ABA-FILL-BFxEA machine is an electronically controlled, fully automatic, volumetric machine which is designed to bottom fill half pint cans through 5 gallon pails. 



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Bottom Fill Machines


About Bottom Fill Machines

Our bottom fill filling machines come in various models, sizes and types and can offer a wide range of capacity levels, depending on the model chosen. We supply both semi and fully automatic bottom fill machines designed to handle a wide range of container sizes.

In addition to the submerged lance filling systems, our bottom fill machines can also be set up to be used for top fill filling so that different product and container types can be filled on the same machine.

When in bottom fill mode, the fill nozzle on our bottom fill machines, remains immersed under the level of the liquid. As the fill carriage slowly rises during the fill, the head remains submerged in product to prevent potential static build-up and foaming. When changing to fill in top fill mode, the customer can quickly and easily change the fill heads to ABA’s standard cone style and increase the speed and throughput on open top containers.


Bottom Fill Models

Depending on your industry needs, there are several models you can choose from. ABA has a large selection of top rated bottom fill machines. Our extensive experience, superior customer service and quality designed and manufactured custom machinery are just a few of the reasons we are highly regarded within our industry.

Some of the bottom fill machines we have are:

  • FILL-BFGEA - Bottom Fill Gravimetric Electronic Automatic Liquid Filling Machines

  • FILL-BFGES - Bottom Fill Gravimetric Electronic Semi-Automatic Liquid Filling Machines

  • FILL-BFxEA - Bottom Fill Volumetric Electronic Automatic Liquid Filling Machine

  • FILL-BFxES - Bottom Fill Volumetric Electronic Semi-Automatic Liquid Filling Machines

ABA supplies some of the biggest companies all over the world, with all types and models of liquid and paint filling machines. Our machines are made of the highest-quality steel and materials and are engineered for today's technologically advanced world.

No matter what type of volumetric and net weight (gravimetric) liquid filling machines your business needs, ABA can supply it. Call or visit us today and one of our professional machine experts will help you.