For the customer who wants to fill large size containers but doesn't have the room, budget, or production quantities to justify a fully automatic filling machine, we offer semi-automatic pail filling machines

 ABA-M332 is a single head machine which features two sets of wetted parts in order to prevent cross-contamination. Only one fill head can fill at a given time, but means that each of the two heads and tubes are dedicated to only filling one type of product. This is an excellent solution for 2 part epoxies and other similar products. This net weight machine also features a small conveyor section and 5-gallon roller lid press.

ABA-M332 top fill, semi-automatic, net weight filling machine


ABA-M388 is a net weight filling machine which is dual head but has individual controls for each head which essentially creates two independent fill lanes and prevents any cross-contamination. This machine was designed for a C1D1 area and features a small conveyor section with 5-gallon roller lid press.

ABA-M388 - Top fill, semi-automatic pail filling machine


ABA-M320 is a pneumatically controlled, volumetric, pail filling machine with our 1 gallon double acting piston pump, ABA-80. This is a single head filling machine which also features a conveyor section and roller lid press.

 ABA-M320 - Semi-Automatic, Pneumatic, Volumetric Pail filling machine


ABA-M417 is a pneumatically controlled, volumetric pail filling machine, designed for a C1D1 area. This machine features a mechanical variable speed drive to control the speed of the conveyor utilizing a rotating handwheel and uses our 5-gallon pumps, ABA-2000, to fill. Lastly, this machine also features a small conveyor section and 5-gallon roller lid press. 

ABA-M417 - Top fill, C1D1, Volumetric, Semi-Automatic, Pneumatic pail filling machine


For additional information on any of the machines highlighted here or any of the other machines and pail filling equipment we produce, please contact us today (803) 396-0621. We look forward to working with you to create the best machine for your filling needs.