For customers filling skimming-prone paint products into plastic containers, Anthony Barber Associates offers two different styles of top-off systems which deliver glycol, water, or another type of anti-skimming product to the surface of filled containers before they are lidded. 


These are available with interchangeable spray nozzles and can be supplied with either pneumatic or electronic controls. Topoff nozzles can be singular or in pairs on the fill line depending upon how much liquid needs to be deposited and on the size of the containers. The nozzles are highly accurate and can deliver the anti-skimming agent in a quick burst with high speeds.




This style of topoff system utilizes our ABA-COV-100 fill head which was originally designed for filling smaller can sizes such as pints. Utilizing a cone style fill head in a top-off system is a highly efficient method and because it has the cone opening, it means that the anti-skimming agent is released more gently and is therefore not forceful enough to break the surface of the liquid. This is especially useful in applications where the agent should not penetrate the filled container. 


For additional information on either of the topoff options we offer or for any further information regarding other paint filling machines and equipment, please call us today at 803-396-0621, email, or complete a request a quote form on our website.