Here's a look at some of Anthony Barber Associates most recent liquid filling machines:


ABA-M449 - This top and bottom fill, net weight paint filing machine features four fill heads and was designed for use in a C1D1 hazardous environment. This machine was supplied with diving lance fill heads which are designed to fill from the bottom of the container, up. The filling cycle initiates when the lances are fully lowered to the bottom of the containers and as the liquid starts to rise, so too does the fill carraige to gradually lift the lances out of the container. The opening of the fill lance is always submerged in the liquid in order to prevent static buildup and to prevent foaming. 

ABA-M449 - top and bottom fill, net weight paint filling machine for C1D1 area



ABA-M439 - Two head, volumetric pail filling machine featuring a lid placer with bung orientation, lid crimper, top off system, fume extraction enclosure, and 5 gallon double acting piston pumps all of which is designed for a Class 1 Division 1 area. The 5 gallon lid placer is designed for placing either metal or plastic 5 gallon lids. This particular model was outfitted with bung orientation which brings the bung to an exact location as specified by the customer to line up correctly with handles. The 5 gallon double acting piston pumps, the ABA-2000's, are hard working and highly efficient as well as easy to maintain and clean. Stroke adjustment handles allow for operators to make quick and easy volume changes which are easily replicated and duplicated. 

ABA-M439 - Top fill, volumetric pail filling machine C1D1 area




ABA-M452 - This two head, swing frame volumetric filling machine has one gallon double acting piston pumps, the ABA-80's, as well as a 5 gallon roller lid press, the ABA-PRESS-5NAR.

ABA-M452 - Swing frame, volumetric filling machine with roller lid press




ABA-M456 - Indexing conveyor and pneumatic crimper for a C1D1 environment. The indexing conveyor moves pails forward one at a time and is not continuously running. However, it can be placed in an automatic mode which advances the conveyor automatically vs. the manual mode in which the operator must push the buton each time to advance the conveyor. This crimper is a fixed height ABA-CRIMP-1PA-1I.

ABA-M456 - Indexing conveyor and pneumatic lid crimper




ABA-M457 - Semi-automatic, top fill, net weight paint filling machine for a C1D1 area. This machine has two heads but only one set of wetted parts to avoid cross contamination and is also equipped with a mechanical variable speed drive and our 5 gallon roller lid press, ABA-PRESS-5NAR.

ABA-M457 - Semi-automatic paint filling machine, net weight, roller lid press, C1D1




ABA-M450 - This paint filling machine is a top fill, net weight, 4 head liquid filling machine for a C1D1 hazardous area. This machine features a lid placer, lid press, dual lid crimpers, a top off system, and a fill tank. The lid placer, ABA-LPHSC-5, on this machine does come with the bung orientation feature and can be used with round, square, or rectangular lids. The top off system used on this machine is our ABA-TOPOFF-COV-100, which utilizes our ABA-COV-100 cone style fill head to deposit anti-skimming agents onto the surface of the liquid in a filled container. The use of the cone fill head means a gentler stream of liquid which does not have to permeate the surface of the liquid on the container. 

ABA-M450 - liquid filling machine with lid placer, lid press, topoff, lid crimper for C1D1 area



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