When it comes to placing 5 gallon lids, we offer two main options – our high speed lid placer, the ABA-LPHSC-5, and our semi-automatic lid chute, the ABA-PLCR-CHUTE.

The fully automatic lid placer, ABA-LPHSC-5, can be supplied fully integrated into a filling line or with individual controls so that it may be added to any fill line or moved between them.

ABA-LPHSC-5 high speed lid placer 

The chute based design self-centers lids on the containers as they pass below and can accommodate different sizes and shapes of lids such as rectangular or square. The operator simply pre-loads the hopper of the machine and the machine will automatically pick lids and place them on the chute. These units are also optionally available with lid bung orientation systems which spin lids until they reach the desired position in relation to the pail’s handles and then release them. The chute stays automatically replenished and the machine comes with a low stack monitor on the hopper so the operator has time to reload, or allow it to run out when a fill cycle has been completed. The machine will automatically stop containers when it is out of lids.




Our semi-automatic lid chute, the ABA-PLCR-CHUTE, is designed to be a perfect middle ground between the fully automatic lid placer, and manual placement of lids by hand.

Semi-Automatic Lid Chute

The design on this is such that an operator can pre-load lids onto the chute and then leave to tend to other machine and cycle components before having to return to replenish the chute. As with the fully automatic model, adjustable escapements ensure that it can handle different shaped lids such as round, square, and rectangular and the machine can also accommodate both metal and plastic lids.

For additional information on these two lid placers or for any information on any of our other filling machines and equipment, please call us at (803) 396-0621, or email us at sales@abaltd.com.