Anthony Barber Associates manufactures quality liquid filling machines designed for filling liquid into a variety of sizes of containers as well as equipment to place and press lids onto those containers. 

Below we will highlight some of the 5-gallon pail filling machines we have produced:

ABA-M411 is a volumetric pail filling machine with rotary infeed table, semi-automatic lid chute, lid dropper with downstacker, and roller lid press.

 ABA-M411 - Pail Filling Machine


ABA-M417 is an intrinsically safe, semi-automatic, volumetric pail filling machine with roller lid press.

ABA-M417 - Pail Filling Machine


ABA-M421 is a volumetric pail filling machine with three heads, product tank, lid placer, and roller lid press.

ABA-M421 - Pail Filling Machine


ABA-M395 is a net weight pail filling machine with product infeed tank, semi-automatic lid chute, high-speed lid dropper, roller lid press, and a dual crimp station.

ABA-M395 - Pail Filling Machine


Please reach out to us today for more information on any of the pail filling machines we produce or any of the other filling machines and equipment we offer. We would be happy to assist you in any way and to work with you to create the best filling line for your needs. (803) 396-0621 or email