ABA-M339 is a 3 head, top and bottom filling volumetric machine with a Servo controlled fill carriage featuring diving lance fill heads. The fill carriage is enclosed in protective guarding to protect operators and employees (for filming purposes, these safety doors are shown open in the video below).

The Servo motor allows for precise, repeatable, and quick movements and fill cycles and is easily controlled and adjusted. At the beginning of the fill cycle, the diving lance fill heads are lowered to the bottom of the containers and the fill cycle begins. As the liquid fills the container, the Servo motor raises the fill carriage whilst keeping the end of the fill heads constantly submerged under the surface of the liquid. This prevents both foaming and static build-up and leads to a safer, cleaner, and more accurate fill.

This machine also features our 1 gallon double acting positive displacement volumetric piston pumps, ABA-80. The three pumps are positioned such that the selector turrets are easily accessible from the front of the machine just beneath the fill area. These selector turrets quickly and simply adjust the volume being filled by the pumps. Our pumps are all made with high quality stainless steel and Teflon wetted parts with cast elbows, tees, and end caps. Our highly effective pumps are double acting, meaning that with liquid on both sides of the piston at all times, the pump has a longer lifespan and less unnecessary wear and tear.


ABA-M339 3 Head Top & Bottom Fill Volumetric Filling Machine



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