Anthony Barber Associates machine ABA-M329 is a 3 head, top fill, volumetric filling machine featuring a lid placer with lid bung orientation, 5 gallon double acting volumetric piston pumps, and a roller lid press. 

Our 5 gallon positive displacement double acting piston pumps, ABA-2000, are built with high quality stainless steel and Teflon wetted parts and cast end caps, tees, and elbows. As with all the pumps we make, these are easy to clean and maintain with quick release clamps and easily removable parts. This machine features 3 handles on the front guard of the machine directly in front of the fill area to quickly and easily adjust the  stroke length and therefore the volume of the fill. Each handle is outfitted with a counter so that all of the pumps can be set to the exact same number. At ABA we only offer double acting pumps, meaning product is on both sides of the piston at all times. This increases the lifespan of the pump and protects all the parts from unnecessary wear and tear. 


Top fill, 3 head volumetric paint filling machine with lid placer and roller lid press

 Our 5 gallon lid placer, ABA-LPHSC-5, is a chute based design which can place both plastic and metal lids as well as a variety of shapes. The adjustable release paddles allow for flexibility in size and shape of the lids being placed and help to self-center the lids onto the containers. The unit features low lid stack notifications and automatically stops containers when it is out of lids. The chute is height adjustable utilizing the same system as our roller lid presses - a simple crank handle to raise and lower the chute to best accomodate the containers being filled. This particular model on ABA-M329 showcases a bung orientation system. The unit locates the bung on the lid and rotates it to a predetermined location to match up correctly to the incoming containers.

Lastly, M329 boasts our 5 gallon roller lid press, ABA-PRESS-5NAR. This press has 32 x 1" diameter gradually declining rollers to firmly press lids onto the containers. A stainless steel sheet metal cover on top of the unit protects operators from the chains and sprockets associated with the height adjustment of the press. Height adjustment is achieved using the crank handle located on one corner of the press.