M326 is a top fill, volumetric paint filling machine. This machine has dual heads on a swing frame for easy flushing and features a rotary infeed table, lid dropper with downstacker, and roller lid press. M326 is designed for a C1D2 area.

 ABA offers a 60" rotary infeed table which alleviates the need for the operator to manually feed pails and allows for a large number of empty containers to be loaded at any one time. This in turn creates a more productive fill and a higher product output. 

Our ABA-LDHS lid dropper unit must be mounted to one of our roller lid presses. These droppers are designed for both plastic and metal pails and can drop sizes from 1/2 pint through 1 gallon. Simple size changeover is achieved using ratchet handles and interchangeable star wheels are available for lid alignment. With speeds of 60+ lids per minute and the option of adding the 72 inch downstacker (as is on this machine), these are powerhouse units which are extremely quick and efficient.

ABA-M326 top fill, volumetric filling machine

This machine was also supplied with our one gallon roller lid press, ABA-PRESS-1NAR, which is constructed from 19 steel rollers to firmly press on lids. These presses are designed to press lids on from 1/2 pint through to 1 gallon containers and have full height adjustment with a hand crank and chain and sprockets. The height adjustment system is safely covered by a stainless steel sheet metal guard.




For additional information on this paint filling machine or any of the other filling machines and equipment we offer, please contact us today at sales@abaltd.com.