One of the things we pride ourselves on at Anthony Barber Associates is the customization options we offer for our clients to help them create the best, most efficient, and most effective filling machine or line for their needs. 

ABA-M396 - Top Fill, Net Weight, C1D1, Lid Placer, Powered Lid Press, Lid Crimper, Product Tank

Below are some (but not all) of the choices customers need to make when designing their custom liquid and paint filling machine

Design and setup of the machine:

  • Net weight vs volumetric
    • Net Weight filling machines are designed to fill a determined weight into a container based upon scales on the machine. These machines are easier to clean than volumetric machines, but are typically slower to fill than their volumetric counterparts. They are ideal for customers who require highly accurate fills and/or data tracking.
    • Volumetric filling machines feature double acting positive displacement volumetric piston pumps in either 1 or 5-gallon sizes which fill containers. These machines are fast, accurate, and easily adjustable and are perfect for customers who prefer a less technologically complicated setup and who prioritize speed.
  • Number of heads
    • We have designed machines with 1 head through 6 heads. This is largely dependent on the product being filled, space available (ie how long the machine can be) and production rates.
  • Height of conveyor
  • Directionality (left to right or right to left)
  • Electronic or pneumatically controlled
  • Designed for explosion proof or non-hazardous environments
    • We make machines for non-hazardous areas as well as those for explosion proof areas to meet C1D1 and C1D2 standards.
  • Semi vs Fully automatic
    • This again is usually dependent on space and production speeds. Sometimes we also have clients who prefer a semi-automatic machine for small batch or specialized batch running.
  • Size of containers being filled
    • This will influence the size of the machine, fill heads, pumps (if applicable) and affect any additional equipment or add-ons.
  • Top vs. Bottom fill
    • Top fill machines are the fastest solution for filling non-foaming liquids into open-top containers.
    • Bottom fill filling machines are ideal for foaming or static prone liquids, or for filling into tight neck containers. 

Add-ons and Additional Equipment:

  • Lid droppers and placers
    • We offer lid droppers for smaller size containers (lids with diameters less than 7 inches) and lid placers for larger size containers.
    • We also offer a semi-automatic lid chute which is a perfect middle ground between the fully automatic placer and manual lid placement by hand.
  • Lid closers
    • This includes both lid presses and lid crimpers. 
  • Rotary tables
    • We have both infeed and collation tables.