Anthony Barber Associates manufactures an extensive collection of machinery and equipment, all of which is designed to be best suited to our individual customers' filling and production needs. As such, we offer a number of pneumatic filling machines and other equipment which can be a better alternative to electronic in certain situations and for certain customers. In an intrinsically safe environment, our semi-automatic machines can be supplied 100% pneumatic, while the fully -automatic machines do need an explosion proof motor drive. In these situations, pneumatic machines can offer a more cost effective solution to meeting C1D1 or C1D2 standards than their electronic counterparts. 

ABA-M376 is a two head top fill machine with swing frame fill heads and 1 gallon volumetric piston pumps. ABA-M376 blog.

ABA-M376 automatic pneumatic filling machine

ABA-M367 is a fully automatic paint filling machine with swing fill heads and 1 gallon pumps which is designed for a C1D1 area. ABA-M367 blog. The simplicity of the swing frame fill heads allows for simple cleanup and flushing of the pumps by simply moving the fill heads so that they are facing the rear of the machine and placing a product tank beneath them. 

ABA-M367 2 head pneumatic filling machine

ABA-M322 is a fully automatic,  3 head liquid filling machine with a rotary table, 1 gallon volumetric pumps, a lid dropper and lid press, and a fume extraction hood for a C1D1 intrinsically safe area. In this case, the motor on both the conveyor and the rotary table are explosion proof but not pneumatic. 

ABA-M322 - automatic, 3 head, pneumatic C1D1 filling machine

ABA-M320 is a semi-automatic pneumatic filling machine with one fill head, a 5 gallon pump, and a 5 gallon roller lid press. This small machine was also supplied on casters so it is easy to move to the correct location in the plant or can be relatively simply relocated if necessary. 

ABA-M320 - top fill  pneumatic liquid filling machine

ABA-M417 is a 1 head, semi-automatic paint filling machine with a 5 gallon pump, 5 gallon roller lid press, and which is designed for operation in a C1D1 area. ABA-M417 blog.


For lidding equipment, our LDHS lid droppers can be supplied fully pneumatic as can our lid crimpers and table top presses/crimpers. 

  - ABA-LDHS is our high speed lid dropper unit which is mounted to a roller lid press and is designed to drop both plastic and metal lids from 1/2 pint through 1 gallon. 

  - ABA-CRIMP-1PA-1C is a single stage pneumatic lid crimper which is designed to crimp metal lids onto pails ranging from 3-5 gallons. This crimper is mounted to a continuously running conveyor. 

  - ABA-CRIMP-1PA-1I is a single stage pneuamtic lid crimper which is mounted to an indexing conveyor. This is designed to crimp lids onto metal pails from 3-5 gallons and can be either fixed height or height adjustable. 

  - ABA-CRIMP-1PS-1NA is a semi-automatic, pneumatic lid crimper unit which can alternately be supplied with a press plate and is then part ABA-PRESS-5PS. These units are designed for an operator to press the buttons on both sides of the controls in order to activate the press or crimper and for safety reasons, both sides need to remain pressed in for the duration of the press or crimp time. 

For more information on pneumatic filling machines and equipment or to find out how we could design a production line to best suit your needs, please call (803) 396-0621 or email today.