ABA-M449 - This 4 head, net weight filling machine was designed to fill in a C1D1 (Class 1, Division 1) hazardous area. Diving lance, or bottom fill filling machines, are useful in an explosion proof area when filling a static prone product in order to prevent the foaming or static buildup. 

ABA-M449 - Bottom Fill, Net Weight, Intrinsically Safe Paint Filling Machine


ABA-M400 - Another paint filling machine which is for use in an intrinsically safe enviroment, ABA-M400 is a three head diving lance machine. Designed for use in a C1D1 location, this machine also features an intrinsically safe mouse which is a fast and easy way for operators to control an intrinsically safe HMI setup. This bottom fill filling machine also features a 60" rotary infeed table which increases operator efficiency and product output.


ABA-M400 - 3 head, bottom & top fill, net weight filling machine C1D1


ABA-M394 - This 6 head, net weight paint filling machine is designed to fill in both top and bottom fill modes. The machine was therefore supplied with two different types of fill heads in order to accomodate each filling style - diving lance style fill heads, and our direct flow style fill heads

ABA-M394 - 6 head, net weight liquid filling machine


ABA-M339 - This bottom fill, volumetric filling machine features our 1 gallon double acting pumps, the ABA-80. It is a three head liquid filling machine which is designed to fill large jugs and features a Servo controlled fill carriage.

ABA-M339 - bottom fill, volumetric paint filling machine

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