The ABA-FILL-TFGEA and the intrinsically safe version, ABA-FILL-TFGEA-X, are fully automatic, net weight filling machines which can be designed to fill anywhere from ½ pints through 6 gallon pails. These liquid filling machines can be supplied with 1 to 6 fill stations as well as a variety of additional equipment to enhance the fill line such as lid placing equipment, lid closing equipment, or rotary tables.  Below we touch upon a selection of ABA-FILL-TFGEA and TFGEA-X machines that we have supplied recently:


ABA-M372 – This paint filling machine was designed to fill a very viscous product, and therefore was supplied with large fill elbows and a retractable fill carriage to break product flow.

ABA-M372 - Net Weight Paint Filling Machine Viscous Product Filling


ABA-M380 – This top fill, net weight, liquid filling machine has three heads and features a rotary infeed table, a lid conveyor which goes over the fill area, a semi-automatic lid chute, and a powered lid press.

ABA-M380 - Top Fill Net Weight Liquid Filling Machine

ABA-M358 – This net weight pail filling machine features a semi-automatic lid chute, a roller lid press, and an infeed tank.

ABA-M358 - Net Weight Filling Machine Pail Filling Machine




ABA-M450 – This is a four head, top fill, net weight filling machine which was supplied with a product tank, top off system, lid placer with lid bung orientation, roller lid press for plastic pails, and a dual lid crimper for metal pails. This paint filling machine was furthermore designed for use in a C1D1 explosion proof area.

 ABA-M450 - Net Weight Intrinsically Safe Filling Machine

ABA-M363 – This six head machine has a push across (z-frame) conveyor and was supplied with a lid dropper with downstacker and a roller lid press. This machine is for use in a C1D2 area.

ABA-M363 - 6 head net weight filling machine

ABA-M396 – This paint filling machine has four heads, but was designed by our customer to fill on two heads at a time to prevent cross-contamination of products. This filler has a lid placer and powered roller lid press for plastic pails and a lid crimper for metal pails and is for use in a Class 1 Division 1 area.

ABA-M396 - Net Weight Paint Filling Machine for C1D1


ABA-M395 – This is a 2 head, net weight liquid filling machine which was designed with the intention of adding a potential third head down the road. This machine was designed for use in a C1D1 area and features a high speed lid dropper, roller lid press, and dual lid crimper.

ABA-M395 - Net Weight Explosion Proof Filling Machine


For more information on any of the machines we offer, please email or call our sales team at (803) 396-0621.