ABA-M335 is a semi-automatic, top fill, net weight drum filling machine with a gravity roller conveyor. This machine is designed to fill open top containers with a high level of accuracy. It features electronic controls and a touch screen HMI on our movable pendant arm for easy operator access. 


ABA-M335 - Semi-automatic drum filling machine

This semi-automatic machine mode, ABA-TFGES-DRUM, requires that the operator both move the drum into place and move it out of the filling area once the filling is completed. The gravity roller conveyor is heavy duty and durable and makes the task of moving these heavy drums much easier and far more efficient.



ABA-M387 is a net weight, top fill, 2-head, and fully automatic drum filling machine designed for a C1D1 explosion-proof area. The pop-up conveyors on this machine assist with transporting the drums to the fill stations. AS the drums are conveyed on initially, pop up conveyor section directs the drums into the two fill stations and allow two more drums to be waiting behind them. This increases the speed and efficiency of the machine and works in conjunction with the alternating fill stations to ensure that the machine is continuously filling drums.

ABA-M387 - Automatic Net Weight Drum Filling Machine

The alternating fill stations were designed as such to keep a continuous flow of high viscosity extruded product to the drums. The alternators work as such: the machine fills lane 1 and lane 2 is conveyed into place. As lane 1 finishes and the drum is conveyed out of the fill area, lane 2 begins to fill. While lane 2 is filling, the drum is conveyed into lane 1, so it is ready to start filling as soon as lane 2 finishes, and so on. This is an extremely efficient system and creates maximum throughput on this machine.

ABA-M387 also features our new ABA-COV-85BO fill heads, which have built-in air shear (blow off), or nitrogen purge technology. These cone style fill heads were explicitly designed with high viscosity products in mind. When the fill is completed, the forced air helps to blow off or to shear the products from the cone. This is a very effective way to prevent product being hung up or dropping after the container has moved away.


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