ABA offers three distinct types of fill heads, each offering their own advantages for specific fill requirements. 


  1. Cone Style Fill Head - Our innovative cone style fill heads accomodate every industry and a wide range of products. They eliminate the stringing problems associated with capillary tube style heads and provide a clean cut off when they snap closed. ABA offers a variety of sizes with dairy style inlets and also offer available flus attachments. The opening can be quickly and easily adjusted anywhere from fully closed to a full one inch opening using the adjustable stroke air cylinder. Our model ABA-COV-100 is a small cone style fill head designed to fill pint cans,  while our ABA-COV-85 is more likely to be used on a pail filling machine for filling 5 gallon pails. ABA-COV-85A - Cone style fill head
  2. Diving Lance Style Fill Head - ABA's diving lance (probe) style fill heads are designed for filling tight head containers and/or those with static prone or foaming products. These fill heads are mounted on a fill carriage which is controlled by either a Servo motor or a pneumatic air cylinder. As the fill cycle begins, the carriage lowers the lances to the bottom of the container and keeps the head submerged as the product fills and the carriage slowly rises. The submerged head prevents static buildup and excessive foaming. ABA-COV-BC-0.75-19 - Diving Lance Style Fill Head
  3. Direct Flow Style Fill Head - The direct flow style fill head are best for those applications that require a liquid to be filled into a tight neck container, but do not require the precision of a diving lance fill head. These are ideal solutions for both top filling screw top containers and also for use in a top-off system with nitrogen or water. Due to the direct flow style, the spread of liquid during filling is small and is therefore also an ideal candidate for filling half pint containers. 
ABA-COV-200 - Direct Flow Style Fill Head

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