ABA-M333 is a net weight, semi-automatic filling machine designed with one head, but two sets of wetted parts to avoid cross contamination. This means that only 1 head can fill at a time, but that each head can be dedicated to filling a particular product so that no cross contamination can occur. Switching betwen fill heads is simple and is accomplished by a switch mounted to the control panel. As with all of our machines, the fill heads are height adjustable and can be easily swapped out for a different size or style of fill head.

This machine was supplied with a foot pedal for initiating the fill cycle in addition to the cycle start button on the control box. The foot pedal allows the operator to start the cycle from a distance, especially useful if he or she is engaged in a different portion of the filling or lidding cycle.

ABA-M333 features our cone style fill heads, ABA-COV-85. These fill heads have 2 inch S-line inlets and 2.875 inch outlets and are primarily designed for filling gallon cans. The benefit of our wildly popular cone style fill heads is the clean and efficient filling. Unlike capillary heads which have stringing problems and issues with dripping, the cone style fill heads snap closed cleanly.

Semi-automatic net weight paint and liquid filling machine


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