ABA-M476 is a 3 head net weight filling machine with a 5 gallon lid placer with lid bung orientation and a 5 gallon powered lid press.

 ABA-M476 - Net Weight with Lid Placer and Bung Orientation and Lid Press

This top fill, net weight filling machine is electronically controlled and designed for filling 5 gallon pails. These net weight filling machines can fill from 1/2 pint through 5 gallons. 

This machine was supplied with a lid placer with lid bung orientation for lidding the 5 gallon pails. Our lid orientation system works to spin the bung so that it is perpendicular to the handles to prevent product from dripping onto the handles while it is being poured from the container. These orientation systems can be set up to place the bung at the top or the bottom of the pail whilst the handles remain on the side. 

Our 5 gallon powered lid press features 6 large powered rollers as well as smaller non-powered rollers at the lead in and lead out. These are designed to securely fasten lids down onto containers in combination with the motive force of the conveyor underneath.