ABA-M474 and ABA-M475 are dual track paint filling machines which are both designed for C1D1 intrinsically safe environments. The twin tracks are set up such that each track has 2 fill heads, one lid placer, and one lid dropper. These are volumetric fillers with 1 gallon double acting volumetric piston pumps and fill from 1/2 pint through 1 gallon containers. 

 ABA-M474 - Dual Track, C1D1, Volumetric Filling Machine

Intrinsically safe filling machines are designed for use in areas which need to meet C1D1 or C1D2 standards. ABA offers a wide variety of filling machines to meet those standards, both volumetric and net weight.

ABA-'s 1 gallon volumetric pumps, ABA-80, are constructed with stainless steel and Teflon wetted parts and cast end caps, tees, and elbows. They are designed to fill from 1/2 pint to 5 quarts in a single cycle and, like all of the pumps we manufacture at ABA, are double acting. Double acting pumps have liquid on both sides of the piston cup to prevent drying out of product and to prolong the life of all of the parts and the pump itself. Double acting pumps are more efificient than single acting pumps and ABA offers them in both 1 gallon and 5 gallon sizes. 

ABA-M475 - Paint Filling Machine, Volumetric, Twin Track, C1D1

Our lid droppers, ABA-LDHS, are high speed units for metal and plastic lids which are not standalone and are therefore mounted to our roller lid press. These lid droppers can accomodate 1/2 pint through gallon container sizes and have simple size changeover using kipp handles. Standard vertical lid hopper has 24" capacity but can also be supplied with an optional 72" downstacker for extra capacity. On these machines, the lid droppers are automatically controlled by the HMI to raise up out of the way if the selected recipe requires the use of the lid placers. When such a recipe is chosen, the lid droppers rise up enough so that they will not catch the already lidded containers as they pass beneath them. When a recipe is selected which does require the use of the lid droppers, they automatically will lower back down for use. 

Each of these machines are equipped with roller lid presses, our ABA-PRESS-5NAR 5 gallon roller lid press to be precise. These are non-powered roller lid presses with gradually declining steel rollers designed to press lids onto containers from pint through 6 gallon pails. These can press both plastic and metal lids and have simple height adjustment using a crank handle located on one corner of the unit. 

Lid Placers, such as the ABA-LPHSC-5's featured on these two machines, are designed with the placement of larger size lids in mind. These units feature adjustable release paddles which allow for the placment of round, square, or rectangular lids and are height adjustable using simple crank handles. The chute based design of these lid placers is designed with automatic priming to keep the chute full and ready for the next container as well as low lid and no lid notifications.



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