ABA-M471 is a two head neight weight filling machine which was supplied with both infeed and outfeed rotary tables, a lid dropper, and a roller lid press. 

This net weight paint filling machine was designed for an area which did not have to meet any explosion proof standards (ABA-FILL-TFGEA) and although this is a two head machine, it is not a swing head design. The fill carriage is still height adjustable, but the heads do not swing to the rear of the machine. This gallon filling machine was also designed to accomodate smaller sizes such as pints and quarts and has our narrow conveyor size, ABA-CONV-6.5.

ABA-M471 - 2 head, Net Weight Paint Filling Machine

Our high speed lid dropper, ABA-LDHS, is designed to place lids on containers from 1/2 pint through gallons and can accomodate both plastic and metal lids. These are not standalone units and must be mounted to a lid press. They can be controlled either electronically on pnuematically and have speeds of 60+ lids per minute. Standard hopper size is 24" capacity but can be supplied with a downstacker for an additional 72" capacity.

The one gallon roller lid press, ABA-PRESS-1NAR, supplied with this machine is designed to press lids onto containers from 1/2 pint through 1 gallon. As with all the roller lid presses we supply, this one features a hand crank for height adjustment, steel rollers on stainless steel shafts, and a stainless steel sheet metal guard to cover the chain and sprockets used for adjusting the height.

This liquid filling machine was supplied with both an infeed and an outfeed rotary table. The infeed table allows operators to preload a large quantity of containers and keep the machine running smoothly and continuously. The outfeed or collation table holds the already filled containers until they are ready to be boxed, put on a pallet, or moved to the next step in the factory's process.

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