ABA-M468 is a net weight paint filling machine for a hazardous area to meet C1D2 standards. This machine features 6 fill heads and a z-frame (push across) conveyor design. This machine was also supplied with the following:


  • Top off system using our ABA-COV-100 fill head. This topoff design was made with the idea in mind that the depositing of anti-skimming agent would be done more gently from a fill head compared to a nozzle. As with all of our top off systems, this one releases a small amount of anti-skinning agent onto the surface of a filled container before it passes under the lidding portion of the machine.
  • Lid dropper with downstacker - Our LDHS lid dropper is designed for dropping plastic and metal lids onto filled containers and can accomodate from 1/2 pint through gallon containers. Simple size changeover using ratchet handles and h eight adjustment via the lid press crank handle make this unit easy to use and change. This is not a standalone machine, and must be mounted to a lid press. These units reach speeds of 60+ lids per minute and have a standard vertical hopper of 24 inch capacity. This machine was supplied with a downstacker for additional capacity which amounts to an extra 72 inches.
  • Roller lid press - This machine was supplied with our one gallon roller lid press, ABA-PRESS-1NAR. This lid press is fully height adjustable from 1/2 pint through gallon container sizes and has a simple size changeover using a crank handle located on the corner of the press. A stainless steel sheet metal cover safely guards the chains and sprockets and the rollers are steel and mounted on stainless steel shafts. 
  • Additional fill carts with tanks used to prevent cross contamination and allow for simple cleaning of fill heads and product contact areas so that filling is not interrupted.

ABA-M468 - 6 head, Net Weight Paint Filling Machine, C1D2

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