ABA-M457 is a net weight, semi-automatic, top fill, paint filling machine which was designed for a C1D1 area. This machine has two fill heads but one set of wetted parts to avoid cross contamination, and has a mechanical vairable speed drive with a roller lid press mounted to it. 

ABA-M457 - top fill, net weight, semi-automatic filling machine for C1D1

Having two fill heads but one set of wetted parts has been an extremely practical solution for many of our customers who have products with two parts which cannot be mixed or cross-contaminated. This system helps to keep costs down by not supplying a two head machine, but prevents those two products from reaching one another for more efficient and safer fills. With this system, only one fill head can fill at any given time, and the operator uses a switch to change from one fill head to the other. 

The mechanical variable speed drive is a cost effective solution for a C1D1 area. The conveyor is activated and deactivated using a manual motor starting switch mounted above the conveyor and the speed is controlled by turning the handle on the gearbox located at the rear of the conveyor. The handle tightens or loosens the belt in order to increase or decrease speed. 

Our 5 gallon roller lid press, ABA-PRESS-5NAR, is a non-powered roller lid press which is designed for pressing lids on from pint through 6 gallon pails. The press is fully height adjustable using a hand crank with chain and sprockets which is safely covered with a stainless steel metal guard cover. 


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