ABA-M456 is a pneumatically controlled indexing conveyor section and fixed height crimper.


ABA-M456 -  Pneumatic Lid Crimper and Indexing Conveyor for C1D1

Our pneumatically controlled crimper mounted to an indexing conveyor, ABA-CRIMP-1PA-1I, is designed to crimp the lids on metal containers at approximately 8 pails per minute. The crimper is fully enclosed in a heavy duty guarding with safety interlocked doors. 

An indexing conveyor moves the pails forward one pail at a time and is not continuously running. The conveyor can be placed in either automatic or manual mode. Automatic mode will advance the conveyor after every crimp has been completed. In manual mode, the operator must push a button each time to advance the conveyor.

This lid closing machine is designed to be placed in a C1D1 explosion proof environment, and pneumatic controls are an easy and cost-effective solution to ensure the machinery is safe in that area. 

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