ABA-M452 is a top fill, dual head, volumetric filling machine featuring 1 gallon double acting piston pumps, and a 5 gallon roller lid press. 

ABA-M452 - Volumetric Filling Machine

The one gallon piston pumps on this machine are the ABA-80's, which are built with stainless steel and Teflon wetted parts and cast end caps, tees, and elbows. All of the pumps we manufacture feature quick release clamps for ease of maintenance, and the 1 gallon pumps have volume adjustment turrets which make changeover a breeze. These pumps can fill from a half pint up to 5 quarts in a single cycle. 

ABA's 5 gallon roller lid press, ABA-PRESS-5NAR, is a  non-powered lid press which features 32 gradually declining steel rollers to firmly press on lids. Each press features a hand crank with chain and sprockets which allows for full height adjustment from pint through 6 gallons. The sprockets and chain is covered with a stainless steel sheet metal guard.

This paint filling machine was supplied with the ABA-COV-85A fill heads which have a 2 inch S-Line inlet and a 2.875" outlet and are designed for filling gallon cans and larger. The fill heads are on a swing frame which allows them to be easily rotated until they face the rear of the tank and are positioned over a tank for cleaning or flushing purposes.

This machine is also being supplied with a 105 gallon product tank which is mounted on casters and is therefore mobile for simplicity of cleaning and filling.

Please contact us today email sales@abaltd.com for any further information on the paint filling machines and equipment we offer.