ABA-M449 is a four head, bottom fill, net weight paint filling machine designed for a C1D1 hazardous environment and also features a product tank.

This bottom fill filling machine was designed not only for a C1D1 environment to avoid static buildup, but also to fill tight neck containers and jugs. For simplicity in a C1D1 area, this machine features an intrinsically safe mouse to navigate the HMI, a far more efficient solution to the "pin push" touchscreens.

ABA-M449 - Top and Bottom Fill, Diving Lance, C1D1, Net Weight Paint Filling Machine


This four head net weight filler utilizes an air cylinder to control the fill carriage up and down and is supplied with diving lance fill heads. Filling initiates when the lances are at the bottom of the containers, and as the liquid level starts to rise, so too does the fill carriage. The opening of the fill lance is always submerged in liquid in order to prevent foaming or static buildup, and once the desired weight is achieved, the fill carriage will raise all the way up so that the fill lances are removed from the filled containers and the containers can be conveyed out of the fill area.  

This net weight filling machine was supplied with two different diameters of diving lance fill head. One of which is the ABA-COV-BC-0.50x19 which has a 19" long fill lane with a 0.50" outer diameter and is designed for bottom filling containers. 

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