ABA-M448 is a high speed lid dropper and 1 gallon roller lid press designed to be mounted onto a conveyor. This unit will drop from 1/2 pint through 1 gallon lids onto filled containers which will be sealed by the roller lid press.


ABA-M448 - LDHS and Press

ABA-LDHS lid droppers can drop both plastic and metal lids and come with starwheels which help to center the lids before they pass underneath the lid press. The size changeovers are simple to do with the use of ratchet handles and no tools required. The standard hopper height is 24 inches of capacity and we also offer an optional downstacker add-on which provides 72" of additional capacity. These lid droppers can be designed with either pneumatic or electronic controls and reach speeds of 60+ lids per minute. 

The ABA-PRESS-1NAR 1 gallon roller lid press is designed for pressing lids on half pint through 1 gallon containers. These presses are easy to adjust with crank handles on the corner of the unit for full height adjustment. The sprockets and chain associated with height adjustment are safely covered with a stainless steel sheet metal guard. 19 gradually declining steel rollers firmly press on lids and we also have an optional no-lid sensor which can be mounted to the rear of the press to detect when a container with no lid comes through and pauses the filling machine until this can be remedied, preventing spills and large messes.

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