ABA-M442 is a 5 gallon volumetric paint filling machine with three heads. This machine features a 5 gallon lid placer as well as a 5 gallon roller lid press. 


ABA-M442 - Top Fill, Volumetric Paint Filling Machine

ABA's 5 gallon volumetric double acting piston pumps, the ABA-2000's, feature cast end caps, elbows and tees and stainless steel and teflon wetted parts. They are made from high quality materials and the double acting nature of these pumps means that they have a long life span. Double acting, in this case, means that there is always liquid on both sides of the piston, which prevents excess wear and prolongs the life of all of the component parts of the pump and thus, the pump itself. These pumps are easy to clean and maintain as well as to adjust the stroke legnth.

Our high speed 5 gallon lid placer, ABA-LPHSC-5, is designed to place plastic and metal lids onto round, square, or rectangular containers. This system has adjustable release paddles to allow for those different sizes and shapes. The lid chute is automatically primed with the next lids and also features low lid stack notifications so that the lids can be replenished. Once the chute is empty of containers, the unit automatically stops. 

For closing plastic 5 gallon pails, we offer a 5 gallon roller lid press, ABA-PRESS-5NAR. This press can close lids on pails from pint through 6 gallon sizes and is fully height adjustable between those two sizes. Changeover is simple, and is achieved using a hand crank on one corner of the unit. The associated chain and sprockets are safely covered by a stainless steel sheet metal guard.