Although ABA is widely known for our large custom filling machinery, we also customize smaller accessory units and equipment for our customers. ABA-M438 is a 5 gallon roller lid press mounted on an 5 foot long stainless steel conveyor section with casters to make the unit easily moveable. It also features a stainless steel washdown motor as it is designed to be used in a food packaging facility.

The ABA-PRESS-5NAR lid press features 32 gradually declining steel rollers to firmly press on lids as the containers pass beneath it. Height adjustment is simple using the crank handle on one corner of the unit. The sprockets and chains associated with height adjustment are safely covered under a stainless steel sheet metal cover.


ABA-M438 - Stainless Steel 5 Gallon Roller Lid Press & Conveyor

What makes this unit the most unique is that it is made with stainless steel components, mounted on a stainless steel frame,  and showcases a stainless steel washdown motor. Since this equipment is designed to be in a food packaging plant, it was imperative to our customer that it be constructed from high quality stainless steel parts and a motor able to withstand water during washdown. 

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