ABA-M434 is a 10 foot stainless steel conveyor and roller lid press with an additional powered conveyor gate section which can be raised and lowered as needed. The powered bridge stops running when lifted and can be latched in the upright position. It is also counter balanced to prevent it from falling when it is released. The motor starts running again when the bridge is in the full horizontal position.

ABA-M434 - Conveyor and Roller Lid Press

ABA-PRESS-5NAR is ABA's 5 gallon non-powered roller lid press which is designed to press lids from pint through 6 gallon pails. The press features 32 gradually declining steel rollers and a stainless steel sheet metal guard covering the top. A crank handle located on one corner of the press makes height adjustment quick and easy, and the sprockets and chains are safely underneath the SS sheet metal guard.



This conveyor is also on casters so it can be easily moved around the production facitlity and located where it is needed. The motorized bridge section is designed to be hooked up to a larger conveyor section.

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