Our top fill, 2 head, volumetric filling machine, ABA-M428, was supplied with a rotary infeed table, 1 gallon double acting pumps, a semi-automatic lid placer chute, and a roller lid press. At ABA we take great pride in ensuring our machines are all designed with efficiency, ease of use, and quality in mind and we strive to work with our customers to find the best possible solution for their unique needs, products, fill environments, and production requirements. 

ABA-M428 - Top Fill, 2 Head, Volumetric Paint Filling Machine

Rotary infeed tables allow the operator to pre-load a large number of containers and to keep a continuous flow of containers moving towards the fill area. When a conveyor may only accomodate a few empty containers, the rotary table has a 60" diameter plate which can hold a large number of containers (variable depending on size) and increases the speed and efficiency of the line while freeing up the operator to attend to other tasks on the fill line. All of the rotary tables we manufacture are constructed with a plated steel table top and stainless steel sheet metal sides as well as Teflon runners on touch points to prevent damage to either cans or the table itself. 

Our 1 gallon volumetric pumps, ABA-80, are designed to fill from 1/2 pint through to 1 gallon in a single cycle, or can fill higher volumes with additional strokes. Stroke length is easy to adjust and change using our 6 position selector turret. All of the pumps we manufacture are made with high quality stainless steel and Teflon wetted parts as well as cast ends and elbows which are cast here in the United States. We also only supply double acting pumps and feel that they are not only more efficient, but are a better investment as they are longer lasting and outperform single acting pumps.

Our semi-automatic lid chute, ABA-PLCR-CHUTE, is the perfect middle ground between a fully automatic lid placing unit and an operator placing lids by hand. It is a budget friendly solution which allows operator to pre-load a number of lids instead of having to individually place them one by one, which frees them up to attend to other components or steps in the filling cycle. The chute features adjustable release paddles which can accomodate different shapes and sizes of lids.

The 5 gallon roller lid press, ABA-PRESS-NAR, is designed to press lids onto containers from one pint through 6 gallon pails. The press is fully height adjustable using a crank handle on one corner of the unit, and the associated chains and sprockets are safely covered with a stainless steel sheet metal guard. The 32 gradually declining steel rollers ensure lids are firmly pressed on, and an optional no-lid detector can be mounted on the exit end of the unit to stop the machine running if a container without a lid is detected. Additionally, all lid presses come with a roller safety switch to stop the machine if the sensor is activated in order to prevent injuries at the pinch point.

Please contact us today for assitance in selecting the right machine for your fill environment and product, we look forward to helping you make a safer, more efficient, and faster fill line for your plant. sales@abaltd.com Request a Quote