ABA-M424 is a 4 head, top fill paint filling machine. This net weight filler features a push across (or z-frame) conveyor for increased speed and efficiency while filling. Additional features include a stainless steel product tank, a high speed lid dropper with downstacker for extra capacity, and a roller lid press. This net weight machine was designed for a C1D1 explosion proof area.


ABA-M424 - 4 Head Z-Frame, Net Weight Filling Machine C1D1

ABA has a complete line of explosion proof machines designed to meet either C1D1 (Class 1 Division 1) or C1D2 (Class 1 Division 2) explosion proof standards. These fillers run the gamut from semi to fully automatic and feature any number of extra equipment and accessories to help increase speed, efficiency, and throughput. For more information on our intrinsically safe machinery, please visit our website.

ABA-M424 is a Z-Frame (push across) machine. This design has two conveyors and a push across section, allowing a batch of empty containers to be conveyed in while another batch is being filled, and the previously filled containers are conveyed away to be lidded. This highly efficient design increases the speed and productivity of the machine and decreases the time for traveling containers, thus increasing the overall throughput.

This machine features our ABA-LDHS lid dropping unit which was supplied with a downstacker for additional lid capacity. The standard vertical hopper has a 24 inch capacity, but the addition of the downstacker provides 72 total inches of lid storage capacity. A few features of the ABA-LDHS:

  1. This is not a stand-alone unit, and so must be mounted to one of our ABA lid presses.
  2. The LDHS can drop lids from 1/2 pint through 1 gallon size and features simple size changeover using ratchet handles, so no tools are required.
  3. Height adjustment is also easy and is accomplished using a crank handle located on the lid press to which the lid dropper is mounted.
  4. Interchangeable star wheels center and align the lids onto the containers before they pass beneath the press.
  5. Speeds of 60+ lids per minute.

ABA's one gallon non-powered roller lid press, ABA-PRESS-1NAR, is designed to press lids on half pint through 1 gallon containers. These presses feature 19 gradually declining steel rollers to firmly press on lids as well as a stainless steel sheet metal guard cover. This cover protects the operator from the chain and sprockets associated with the height adjustment system. Height adjustment is quick and simple and is accomplished with a crank handle on one corner of the lid press.