ABA-M421 is a 3 head volumetric filling machine designed to fill in top fill mode. This machine features our 5 gallon pumps, ABA-2000, a 5 gallon lid placer, and a 5 gallon roller lid press as well as a supply tank directly feeding the pumps.

Our ABA-2000 pumps are designed to fill 5 gallon containers, and feature gravity check valves. The gravity check valves are pushed up and re-seated by the force of the liquid as it moves through the pumps (as opposed to our powered check valves which rely upon air cylinders). As with all the pumps ABA manufactures, these are built with high quality stainless steel and Teflon wetted parts and feature cast iron end caps, elbows, and tees which are cast here in the USA. Our pumps are easily adjusted with stroke adjustment handles and are easy to maintain with quick release clamps and seals.

Our 5 gallon plastic and metal lid placer unit, ABA-LPHSC-5, also features prominently on this machine. The chute placed design self-centers the lids onto the containers as they pass below it and can place round, square, and rectangular lids. These units can be optionally supplied with a lid orientation system to ensure bungs are facing the correct way. Automatic lid priming keeps the lid chute full and ready for the next container, and a low lid notification alerts the operator when the lids need to be replenished. The unit will automatically stop when it has placed the last lid. An in-feed line stop is mounted onto the conveyor beneath the lid placer in order to properly space the incoming containers. 

ABA-M421 - 3 Head Volumetric Machine with Tank, Lid Placer, and Roller Lid Press

ABA-PRESS-5NAR is our 5 gallon non-powered roller lid press which is designed to press lids from one pint through 6 gallon pails. All of the presses ABA manufactures feature a hand crank with chain and sprockets for full height adjustment. This simple to use system makes size changeover a quick and hassle-free process. All of the sprockets are covered with a stainless steel sheet metal guard covers. The 5 gallon press features 32 gradually declining steel rollers and can optionally be supplied with a no-lid detector to stop the line if a container passes beneath it missing a lid to prevent spills. A roller safety sensor is mounted at the leading edge of the pump to automatically cease all motive force if the beam is broken such as by an operator's hand or fingers.

This machine is also being supplied with a 150 gallon stainless steel product tank which directly feeds to the volumetric piston pumps. This efficient setup results in higher speeds and better throughputs, thereby increasing returns.

ABA-M421 was supplied with our ABA-COV-85SPF cone style fill heads which are primarily designed to fill 5 gallon pails.  These fill heads feature a 3" S-Line inlet and a 4" S-Line flush flange to make flushing the system cleaner and easier. The flush attachment allows for a hose to be quickly connected so that cleaning solvents can be run through the fill heads. 

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