ABA has become known within the industry for our C1D1 machinery. With many of our customers currently filling products which are static prone and/or volatile either on our line or within the same vicinity, safety is a top priority. We have brought our signature quality and customizable equipment to a new level and are proud to offer explosion proof machines and equipment.

Our latest top and bottom fill machine, M400, showcases a pneumatic cylinder-controlled fill carriage.  The pneumatic cylinder on the fill carriage features position feedback which tracks the fill lance height based on the container weight. This is a cost efficient and accurate way to have carriage control in an intrinsically safe environment. 

Another feature of this machine and many of our other C1D1 machines, is our intrinsically safe mouse. This is mounted on our moveable pendant arm, and provides a faster way for operators to control the HMI when compared to intrinsically safe touch screen covers. The HMI stores 100 recipes which translates to quick size or product changeovers with accurate and repeatable results. 

ABA-M400 - 3 head, bottom & top fill, net weight filling machine C1D1

This three head net weight filling machine can be use in both top and bottom fill modes to fill closed neck as well as open top containers. Simply changing out the fill heads on the machine and changing a setting on the HMI transitions the machine from bottom filing to top filling mode. The versatility of the filling styles makes this machine a valuable addition to any fill line.

This machine also features a 60" rotary infeed table, which serves to increase operator efficiency and product output. Our rotary infeed tables are constructed from an aluminum frame with a plated circular feed table, but are also optionally available with a stainless steel frame and parts. 



Please contact us today to find out more about this or any of the other filling machines and equipment we offer. Call us at 803-396-0621, email: sales@abaltd.com, or request a quote.