ABA-M394 is a fully automatic, 6 head, net weight filling machine designed to fill in both top and bottom fill modes. Supplied with a custom designed stainless steel feed hopper, this machine produces stellar results with high levels of accuracy and a large throughput.

ABA-M394 showcases two different types of fill heads - diving lance style and direct flow (top fill) style.

  • Our diving lance style fill heads are designed both for tight head containers and/or foaming or static prone products. These fill heads are used in bottom fill mode and are lowered to the bottom of the container at the beginning of the fill cycle. As the flll carriage rises, the head remains submerged in the product to prevent static build up and/or excessive foaming.
  • Our direct flow style fill head, ABA-COV-200, is also designed to fill containers with restricted openings but which do not require the caution with static or foaming. These fill heads are to be utilized in the top filling mode.


 ABA-M394 - Top & Bottom Fill, Net Weight, 6 Head Filling Machine Shown Bottom Filling ABA-M394 - Top & Bottom Fill, Net Weight, 6 Head Filling Machine Shown Top Filling


 The fill carriage on this machine is controlled by a Servo motor. This provides unparalleled speed and accuracy and allows the operator to pinpoint positions and control each variable of the lowering, raising, and speed of the carriage. 

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