Our model ABA-M391 is a 3 head, top fill, volumetric filling machine

This fully automatic flling machine features our 1 gallon volumetric pumps with powered check valves, the ABA-99. The powered check valves differ from the gravity check valves on our ABA-80 pumps in that they utilize air cylinders to move the check valves on and off of their seats to allow the product through. As with all of the pumps we offer, these are easily adjustable, and quick volume changeover can be achieved using the six position selector turret. This turret is easily accesible from the cutout at the front of the machine and features individual threaded stops which help to make the changeover almost instantaneous.

This liquid filling machine also boasts one of our high speed lid dropper units, the ABA-LDHS. This unit comes with our downstacker for additional lid capacity. The lid dropper releases a lid onto the filled container as it passes beneath the unit. This lid dropper and the downstacker make a high capacity, high speed, high efficiency unit!

The lid dropper is mounted on our 1 gallon roller lid press, ABA-1NAR. As with all of our lid presses, this one features a height adjustable crank handle at one corner and gradually declining rollers to firmly press lids in place.


ABA-M391 Top Fill, Volumetric Filling Machine

 The cone style fill heads used on this machine are our model ABA-COV-85QTSF. These fill heads have a 2" S-Line inlet, 1.84" outlet and a 2.5" S-line flush flange. These heads are designed to be best for filling quarts and gallons and with the flush flange, they are easily hooked up for flushing or priming.



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