Our fully-automatic bottom fill filling machine, model ABA-M383, is designed fill both jugs and pails in top or in bottom fill mode. This 3 head net weight liquid filling machine features a pneumatically controlled fill carriage to raise and lower the fill heads. The pneumatic cylinder can be safely used in C1D1 environments and still provides a precise, repeatable, and accurate way to move the carriage up and down. We do also offer a Servo option for the fill carriage, please contact us for more information.

This machine features our diving lance style fill head, ABA-COV-BC-1.25-x19 which has a 1.25" outer diameter and a 19" long lance. This fill head is designed to bottom fill containers and is lowered to the bottom of an empty container at the start of a cycle and then slowly raised out as the cycle commences. For the duration of the fill, the head is submerged in the liquid in order to prevent static buildup or excessive foaming. 

ABA-M383 - Bottom Fill, Net Weight Filling Machine


M383 is also fitted with our 5 gallon non-powered roller lid press, ABA-PRESS-5NAR. This lid press features 32 steel rollers to firmly press on lids and a crank handle for simple height adjustment. A stainless steet sheet metal cover protects operators from the sprockets and chains associated with the height adjustment.



For additional information on this machine or any of the other machines and equipment we offer, please contact us today. Call (803) 396-0621, email sales@abaltd.com, or fill out our request a quote form. We would be happy to work with you to find or design a machine that best suits your needs.