ABA is constantly looking to innovate and improve upon our machines so that they are more accurate, more efficient, faster, and easier to use, and ABA-M380 is no exception. This fully automatic net weight filling machine is loaded with features designed to improve the operator experience, increase customer ROI, and deliver outstanding results.

This three head, net weight filling machine features a number of additional pieces of equipment including our first ever lid conveyor which feeds into our semi-automatic lid chute. 

  • Starting at the beginning of the line, the 60" rotary infeed table feeds pre-loaded containers onto the conveyor to be filled. Our standard rotary tables are constructed from an aluminum frame with a plated circular feed table or are optionally available with stainless steel frames and parts. The rotary infeed table allows for an operator to load a number of empty conveyors, and then step away to work on other components of the fill cycle.
  • Our customer requested lid conveyor travels over the top of the filling area and supplies our semi-auotmatic lid chute with lids. This design allows for a continuous flow of lids and increases throughput and efficiency. Our stainless steel semi-automatic lid chute is the perfect middle ground between manual lid placement and a fully automatic lid placing machine. The design is such that as a filled container passes beneath the chute, it pulls the next lid off using the motive force of the conveyor. 
  • Our 5 gallon powered roller lid press, ABA-PRESS-5GALL-P, features 5 lead in rollers and 6 powered rollers to press lids. This press utilizes a 0.5 HP motor in conjunction with the movement of the conveyor to firmly press lids down. As with all of the lid presses we supply, this is height adjustable using a crank handle on one corner of the unit.


ABA-M380 - 3 head net weight filling machine

This machine is another great example of the way in which ABA designs and implements customized machines and how we work in conjunction with our customers to achieve a high quality machine which best suits their needs, products, containers, and fill environment. 



For more information on this machine model or any of the features and/or equipment it showcases, please contact us today. Call (803) 396-0621, email sales@abaltd.com, or fill out a request a quote form on our website.