ABA-M379 is a dual head volumetric filling machine designed to fill in top fill mode. This fully automatic filling machine has swing fill heads to make priming and flushing quick, easy, and clean. To flush, simply push the heads to the rear of the machine over a tank and use the HMI to initiate the flush feature and cycle product or cleaning solution through the system.

ABA-M379 utilizes our 1 gallon double acting piston pumps, ABA-80, to fill multiple different sized containers. All of our volumetric piston pumps feature a 6 position selector turret with individual threaded stops which makes volume changeover almost instantaneous. Our double acting pumps function with liquid on both sides of the piston chamber which not only prolongs the life of the pump parts, it prevents unnecessary wear, and increases fill speeds.


ABA-M379 - dual head, volumetric filling machine


The 60" rotary infeed table provides the operator with a place to pre-load a large number of containers to be automatically moved onto the conveyor and through fill cycle. After filling, the semi-automatic fill chute which has been pre-loaded with a number of lids, utilizes the motive force of the conveyor to pull the next lid from the chute and onto the container. 

For the smaller container sizes, our high speed lid dropper unit, ABA-LDHS, drops lids directly onto the containers as they pass below. The LDHS is attached to our 5 gallon non-powered roller lid press, ABA-PRESS-5NAR, which utilizes stainless steel rollers to firmly press lids onto containers. 



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