Fully automatic filling machine, ABA-M372, is a 4 head, top fill, net weight filling machine. Using the latest software and load cells, our net weight filling machines are easy to use, highly accurate, and feature historical and real-time data acquisition for simple monitoring of product usage, speed, and throughput. Many of our machines also offer remote support access to facilitate troubleshooting and/or service even from afar.

This machine was designed to fill a very viscous product and so is supplied with large diameter fill elbows on a retractable fill carriage which is designed to break product flow when it retracts. The retractable carriage can also be disabled and the fill elbows switched out for our cone style fill heads for inline filling.

M372 was also designed for a C1D2 (Class 1 Division 2) hazardous area. ABA proudly offers a range of intrinsically safe (explosion proof) machines to meet C1D1 and C1D2 standards. For more information or to view our machines, check out our Intrinsically Safe machine page on our website.

ABA-M372 - 4 head, top fill, net weight filling machine

 Our HMI holds up to 100 recipes, allowing for consistent, repeatable, and precise fills. The touchscreen HMI and control buttons are located on our movable pendant arm, increasing the accessibility for the operator and making the machine more user friendly.


Shown here filling at our factory for demonstration purposes.


This video demonstrates the machine filling a high viscosity product.


For more information on the machines and equipment we offer or to get in touch with our sales and engineering team to build a fill line for your needs, please call: (803) 396-0621, email: sales@abaltd.com, or Request a Quote. We look forward to hearing from you and putting our 26 years of experience towards finding the best fill solution for your plant.