Although ABA is widely known for our fully and semi-automatic liquid filling machines, we also design, manufacture, and supply other smaller or additional equipment to boost productivity in filling lines. ABA-M369 is a 12.5’ conveyor section with a stainless steel frame and featuring a semi-automatic lid chute and a 5 gallon roller lid press.

Our semi-automatic lid chute, ABA-PLCR-CHUTE, is the perfect middle ground between manual lid placement and a fully automatic 5 gallon lid placer. This stainless steel chute holds a number of 5 gallon lids (in this case, 6) which are then pulled off the chute by the motive force of the containers as they pass beneath it. The paddles are adjustable so the chute can accomodate different sizes and shapes of lids. Many of our customers find this is a great balance between manual placement and full automation and have seen increased throughput and efficiency as a result.

The 5 gallon roller lid press, ABA-PRESS-5NAR features a crank handle on one corner of the unit for simple height adjustment. The rollers on this press unit have 1/4" thick steel walls and are mounted on 1/4" stainless steel shafts using shielded bearings, and the guard cover over the chains and sprocket is constructed of stainless steel.

This equipment was designed to place and close 5 gallon plastic lids. 

 ABA-M369 Conveyor, press, lid chute

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